USA | WA | Richland | KRLD | Cessna 182 | Pilot Karin R.

Location: Richland, WA, USA

Airport: KRLD

Date of Flight(s): 3/7/2010

PIC: Karin R.

Non-Pilot Female Passenger(s): 

  • Vanessa B.
  • Catriona R.
  • LeeAnn M.
  • Hillary T.
  • Susan V.
  • Kira V.
  • Collette S.
  • Angel S.
  • Emily S.

Colette S. (left), PIC Karin R. (Center), and Colette's daughters
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"All of the passengers are co-workers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, or their daughters. The flight was an aerial tour of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, where we work. This site used to be a national security area, and ground access is still limited to appropriately cleared and badged individuals. By flying in a GA aircraft, these women were able to see the 'big picture' of where they worked, and get a sense of its history. And it IS a big picture - over 50 square miles!" Karin R.